Vector Data Processing using Python Tools

GeoPandas Advanced Topics


Teaching: 35 min
Exercises: 0 min
  • What additional capabilities does GeoPandas provide, including data access, plotting and analysis?

  • How does it integrate with other common Python tools?

  • How do GeoPandas data objects integrate with analyses of raster data over vector geospatial features?

  • Explore additional GeoPandas capabilities in reading from PostGIS and using its plot method.

  • Learn how to dissolve (aggregate) polygons into larger units, and apply spatial joins across GeoDataFrames, as examples of GeoPandas spatial operators.

  • Learn how to explore project (CRS) information and reproject.

  • Plot choropleth maps

  • Using folium to create interactive maps from a GeoDataFrame

  • Explore simple but powerful capabilities offered by the rasterstats package to generate summaries and statistics of raster properties over vector features, and explore these via GeoPandas.

GeoPandas: Advanced topics

Emilio Mayorga, University of Washington. 2019-9-8

We covered the basics of GeoPandas in the previous episode and notebook. Here, we’ll extend that introduction to illustrate additional aspects of GeoPandas and its interactions with other Python libraries, covering fancier mapping, reprojection, analysis (unitary and binary spatial operators), raster zonal stats + GeoPandas.

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