Multidimensional Arrays

This lesson is a template for creating geohackweek lessons.

It is based on the lesson template used in Data Carpentry and Software Carpentry workshops,


09:00 datasets for the xarray tutorial What sample datasets will we use in this tutorial?
09:00 Introduction to multidimensional arrays When do we need to use multidimensional arrays?
What are current challenges is manipulating these datasets?
09:10 xarray architecture What functionality does the xarray library offer?
What are the benefits and limitations of this library?
What is the fundamental architecture of xarray data objects?
09:20 label-based indexing How does the labeling of dimensions enhance the xarray workflow?
09:30 plotting Does xarray have tools for visualizing the data?
09:35 arithmetic and aggregation How do I perform simple arithmetic operations on xarray objects?
How do I calculate statistics along a dimension of an xarray object?
09:55 Morning Coffee Break
10:00 groupby processing What is groupby processing and in what cases is it useful for scientific analysis of multidimensional arrays?
10:15 out-of-core computation How can we do computations on array datasets that are too large to fit into memory on a local machine?
10:25 masking What is masking and how can it be used to analyze portions of a dataset
10:40 Wrap-Up What have we learned?
10:45 Finish