Vector Data Processing using Python Tools

Interacting with mapped data using Holoviz


Teaching: 1 min
Exercises: 0 min
  • What is the Holoviz tool kit?

  • What does Holoviz add beyond Matplotlib?

  • Get exposure to the powerful, interactive capabilities of the Holoviz visualization and data exploration ecosystem.

Going further: The “Holoviz” visualization and dashboarding toolkit

Friedrich Knuth, University of Washington. 2019-9-9

This notebook demonstrates powerful tools and approaches for interacting with mapped data using the Holoviz tool kit. Holoviz supports GeoPandas. Explore it at your leisure! The visualization tutorial will go into more depth on advanced visualization capabilities such as Holoviz.

Adapted (slightly) from the Holoviz web site: HoloViz provides a coordinated set of Python packages that make browser-based visualization easier to use, easier to learn, more accurate, and more powerful: Panel for making apps and dashboards for your plots from any supported plotting library, hvPlot to quickly generate interactive plots from your data, HoloViews to help you make all of your data instantly visualizable, GeoViews to extend HoloViews for geographic data, Datashader for rendering even the largest datasets, Param to create declarative user-configurable objects, and Colorcet for perceptually uniform colormaps.

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