Introductory Material: Reference

Key Points

Introduction to Conda
  • conda can be installed in two ways (Anaconda and Miniconda)

  • this tool will prevent headaches when trying to install packages with dependancies or managing multiple libraries/projects

  • projects can be separated by individual environments

  • Reproducible environments can be created easily

  • Most conda packages are friendly across all platforms

  • If you’re not convinced about using conda, read this great blog

Getting Started with Git
  • Git is a version control tool that allows you to keep track of your work

  • Github is a cloud platform where you can share, view and organize your collaborations

Cloud Computing in Geospatial Sciences
Introduction to JupyterHub
  • A summary of everything so far

Introduction to Docker
  • Docker images can be used instead of installing software natively on your computer

FIXME: more reference material.