cloud computing for geospatial applications: Reference

Key Points

Intro to cloud computing in geoscience
  • cloud is cost-effective via utility (pay as you go) model (three penny opera)

  • cloud is secure via encryption and identity/access management tools

  • {“cloud has a cost of entry”=>”You have to learn the ropes”}

  • cloud cost is dropping (e.g. consider Spot Market) so this may be a matter of not if but when

  • cloud uses the term ‘scale’ and that translates to ‘I am (generally) not compute limited anymore.’

  • {“cloud is also growing Services”=>”Advanced concept, the metaphor is ‘dinner without plates or table’.”}

Geoserver for sharing geospatial data on AWS
  • AWS s3, EC2 and EBS

  • Creating AMIs

Cloud data service
  • Azure and Visual Studio

cloud wrap-up

FIXME: more reference material.