cloud computing for geospatial applications

Geoserver for sharing geospatial data on AWS


Teaching: 20 min
Exercises: 0 min
  • How do I quickly share a large amount of geospatial data between my collaborators?

  • How can I leverage available cloud tools to enhance data sharing?

  • Understand how cloud computing can help you disseminate your data quickly

  • Use Amazon Web Services to spin up a quick instance of an open source server for geospatial data (Geoserver)

  • Understand potential use case

Using the AWS s3 (Simple Storage Solution) bucket

Since your data is stored on S3 there is no need to to re-download data when you want to do analysis on an AWS instance. You can use the S3 API to call your data.

Why use Geoserver?

Set up Geoserver

geoserver set up



The good thing about setting your server up on the cloud is that you can easily create machine images! A machine image is a replica of your root applications and snapshots of your volumes (i.e. data). Caveat: You need to set up snapshots and there’s a small associated cost. You can easily share your Geoserver setup with collaborators.

And if you’re lazy…

I have an AMI created with Geoserver installed - I’ll share.

Ways to save $$$

  1. You may not actually need 8TB of storage space! Don’t be a data hog. s3 buckets can easily be plugged in anywhere!
  2. Turn off your EC2 machine if you’re not using it!

Key Points