cloud computing for geospatial applications

This lesson is a template for creating geohackweek lessons.

It is based on the lesson template used in Data Carpentry and Software Carpentry workshops,


09:00 Intro to cloud computing in geoscience What are the basic virtues / benefits of using the public cloud?
What are cloud drawbacks?
How would I go about getting started with cloud computing?
09:30 Geoserver for sharing geospatial data on AWS How do I quickly share a large amount of geospatial data between my collaborators?
How can I leverage available cloud tools to enhance data sharing?
09:50 Cloud data service How can I serve out my data via a web portal
What do I need to learn in order to accomplish this?
What if I don’t want to spend my life being a systems administrator and a webmaster?
10:20 cloud wrap-up How did this go?
Do you have any follow-up questions?
How would you approach getting into the cloud?
10:30 Finish