Raster processing using Python Tools

This lesson is a template for creating geohackweek lessons.

It is based on the lesson template used in Data Carpentry and Software Carpentry workshops,


10:30 Introduction: Working with Raster Data
10:35 Geospatial Concepts: Raster Data What is a raster?
What sorts of information does a raster typically model?
What are the major characteristics of a raster dataset?
What assumptions does the format imply?
10:40 Encodings, Formats and Libraries What sorts of formats are available for representing raster datasets?
10:45 Working with Raster Datasets How can I extract pixel values from a raster dataset?
How might I write pixel values out to a new raster file?
What raster dataset formats (reading and writing) are supported?
11:30 Rainier DEM Example How can I work with rasters from different sources, with different projection, extent, resolution, etc.?
11:55 Finish