Pre-event Material

This lesson is a template for creating geohackweek lessons.

It is based on the lesson template used in Data Carpentry and Software Carpentry workshops,


09:00 Intro and Preparation for Geohackweek What is the format of this event?
Will my laptop work for this hackathon?
Will I need to learn a specific programming language to participate?
What can I do in advance to prepare?
09:05 Getting set up with Git and GitHub What is Git/GitHub?
Why do I need a GitHub account for this event?
Why are we joining a GitHub organization?
How do I configure my account so I can access cloud computing resources?
How will GitHub repositories be structured?
09:15 Getting Connected to our Shared Computing Environment Why are we using a shared cloud environment?
How do I access the shared cloud environment?
What is Pangeo and how is this system configured?
09:30 Getting Started with Conda What is Conda?
How do I install Conda?
09:45 Missing Maps Project What is Missing Maps?
How do I sign up for a OSM account?
How do I find a HOTOSM task?
How do I use the editor and save my work?
10:00 Introductory Python Resources What is Python and how can I get started?
10:10 An Introduction to the Scientific Python Ecosystem What tools does Python offer to a working scientist?
How do I maninpulate numerical data in Python and visualize it?
10:20 An Introduction to the Pandas Library How do I maninpulate tabular data in Python?
10:30 Finish