Introductory Material

Introduction to Jupyter & Jupyterhub


Teaching: 10 min
Exercises: 10 min
  • What are Jupyter Notebooks?

  • What is JupyterHub?

  • Learn how to share executable code that you’ve written

Jupyter Notebook

Installing the Single User Jupyter Notebook server

We will use some of the skills learned in the Github and conda tutorial to clone a version of the tutorial contents ( on to your local machine. Then we will use conda to install a sample environment.yml file and run notebooks locally.

10 minutes git and conda challenge

  1. Check if you have jupyter notebook installed (open terminal, run jupyter notebook)
  2. Git fork (
  3. Git clone your OWN fork of the repo
  4. conda install the sample environment file from the raster tutorial
  5. Launch Jupyter Notebook from inside the git repository
  6. Test running one of the notebooks

What is Jupyterhub


All notebooks have access to the same set of packages and libraries as specified in the environment file.

Which means…

Jupyterhub is a way to give a standardized Jupyter Notebook server to each person in a group of people

JupyterHub Access

The JupyterHub for GeohackWeek is accessible at:

You will need a Github account for authentication.

Key Points