Google Earth Engine: Python API

Signing up for Google Earth Engine


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Getting Approved as a Trusted Tester

In order to use Google Earth Engine, you need to sign up for the platform and be approved as a trusted tester. Getting approved can take 2-3 days, so please sign up no later than November 8th to make sure you are approved in time. Use the steps below to sign up.


  1. Go the the GEE sign-up page and select the email you want to use for your GEE account. A gmail is best if you have one.

  2. On the next page, enter in the information requested about your email, your affiliation, etc. Where it asks what you want to accomplish, make sure you mentioned you will be participating in UW’s GeoHack week sponsored by the eScience Institute.

  3. Check your email, including your spam folder in the next few days to look for a link from the Google Developer’s Team. The confirmation email will have directions on how to access the Code Editor.

Not sure if you have access? Use this link to check. If you didn’t get access you will get an authorization error that says your account isn’t registered when you click on the link and try to sign in. If you do have access, the link will open up the API.

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